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President's Message

It is an honour and a privilege to become President of the 3Ls Students’ Association. Founded in 1988, this unique Association has flourished thanks to 36 years of contributions from hundreds of volunteers. I would like to take this opportunity to recognise and praise all their past efforts.

Attendance at our recent AGM was very encouraging as was the demonstration of support from CLL. Looking forward to 2024-2025, the new Steering Committee will work collaboratively to establish a vibrant and varied programme of social events as well as conscientiously supporting our many clubs, both old and new.

To all those who wish to embrace the future with us by helping out in both/ either of these spheres, I thank you in anticipation. Active engagement reaps personal rewards as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to ensuring that our valued social and informal learning Association continues to be a supportive and innovative organisation.

Dorothy Sim

3Ls President

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Jim Alexander

We heard with sadness of the recent death of Jim Alexander, who was elected as the first President of the 3Ls in 1989. We owe a debt of gratitude to Jim for his vision and enthusiasm in setting up our Association, with the support of Lesley Hart, the then Head of what was the Institute for Senior Studies, now the Centre for Lifelong Learning. Much of what we enjoy today in the 3Ls stems from their work. At our 30th Anniversary celebrations in 2019, Jim was presented with Honorary Membership of the 3Ls Students' Association.

Our TellsMore Winter 2019 newsletter gathered together a range of reflections on the Association and is reproduced here in tribute to Jim Alexander.

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