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This is very much a hands-on club, and our meeting format reflects this.  Every member present gets to entertain the others by taking it in turns to sing or play (or both).  We often team up to form impromptu duos, trios etc as the fancy takes us.  We have even enjoyed the odd poetry recital!  Relaxed music-making in a friendly atmosphere is what we do.

Our members come from a fair range of musical backgrounds and this is reflected in the different songs, tunes and styles you’ll hear.  Instruments currently being played include guitar, ukulele, mandolin, whistle, harmonica, fiddle, autoharp, tenor banjo, dobro, melodica, octave mandola, bouzouki and mandolin banjo.

New recruits are always welcome and you can come along and try us first before deciding whether or not to join.  Although most members will sing a song or play an instrument, there is no pressure whatever to do so.  Members can just sit back and enjoy the music if they so wish.

Acoustic Music



The 3Ls Accoustic Music Club meets on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month from 12.30 – 2.30 pm in Room GH227.

Annual subscription: £10

Contact: George Smith


Music Sheets


All singers, musicians and listeners are welcome along to enjoy a wide range of active music making.

Sheet Music and Guitar
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