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Lunchtime Talks 2023/24


We are pleased to announce the programme for this term’s Lunchtime Talks which will be delivered via Zoom.  Talks are free for 3Ls members and £3 for non members.


Booking should be made in the same way as classes. Before you enrol, make sure that you add your 3Ls Membership number to your profile on MyCLL so that your membership is recognised and the discount can be applied. Please contact or if you need to be reminded of your membership number. The Zoom Link for the talk will be sent to you the day before the event.

Ageing and Communication: Understanding the roles of cognition, speech production and social participation

Monday 16 October 2023


This talk explores the concept of population ageing and what it means to age healthily. Laura will present preliminary findings from her PhD research which investigates links between age-related changes to thinking skills ('cognition'), speech production and social engagement. 


Speaker: Laura Manderson

Strathclyde University

Leaving the Land
Tuesday 21 November 2023


This talk about the social history of the working people of Scotland deals with the shifts which took place from the 1600s until the present day in the numbers of people living and working on the land. (from over 90% in 1600 to under 5% today). What drove them to leave and what happened to them – did they leave in despair or prosper? Topics covered will range from the Planation of Ulster, the little known Lowland Clearances to ‘package deals’ offered by the Canadian Pacific Railway! Fred will use a mix of published material, research and examples from his own family tree.

Speaker: Fred Dinning

3Ls Students' Association

Climate Solutions
Friday 26 January 2024


Are you concerned about climate change? Join us for a short introduction to climate solutions. This talk will look at why we need to take action on climate change, the science behind climate change, understanding the political context covering policy and legislation and finally, solutions and what action individuals can take.


Professor Black is Professor of Sustainable Consumption at the University of Strathclyde Business School and sustainability strategy lead.  A main focus for their knowledge exchange activities is the Climate Solutions Programme.

Speaker: Professor Iain Black

Love Letters from a Desert Rat - Alex and Nan

Wednesday 14 February 2024

The gripping and poignant wartime love story of Alex and Nan Macintyre told through his letters. An “everyman” story of a young Scottish couple and their quiet courage through World War 2.

When Liz Macintyre Allan’s mother, Nan, died, she found a collection of 300 letters from her father Alex, spanning his service in the Second World War. The letters gave an insight into Alex’s experiences as a Desert Rat as he sailed down the west coast of Africa, then up to Egypt and all over North Africa before he finished his wartime service in mainland Italy. Our speaker, Liz Macintyre Allan will share her thoughts on the discovery of the letters, the insight they provided into her father’s service and her parents’ romance and the journey towards the publication of a book telling their story.

Speaker: Liz McIntyre Allan

Jessie Stephen: Scottish Suffragette

Thursday 14 March 2024

Join us for another interesting talk from Anabel Marsh, scheduled to take place during Women’s History Month.

Jessie Stephen was politically active from a young age and while still a teenager she became the Vice-Chair of the Independent Labour Party in Maryhill, founded the Scottish Domestic Workers’ Federation and joined the Women’s Social and Political Union, the Suffragettes.

She remained an activist throughout her long life, for which she was awarded the TUC Gold Badge in 1955 and an MBE in 1977.

Based on Jessie’s unpublished autobiography and the memories of people who actually knew her, including her great-nieces, Anabel’s talk will trace the life and achievements of this remarkable woman. 


Speaker: Anabel Marsh

Glasgow Women’s Library Guide & author of the Glasgow Gallivanter Blog

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