3Ls President's Charity

Every two years the 3Ls President selects a charity close to their heart to sponsor. Help us to raise funds for a good cause - and attend some fun fundraiser events along the way.

Courtyard Pantry

3Ls President's Charity 2022/23

Our nominated charity this year is the Courtyard Pantry, based at Wester Common Drive, Glasgow. The Pantry is a membership based shop/deli that provides good quality food at a low cost. Our donations can be used towards shopping costs and meals provided for customers of the Pantry.

Throughout the year we will be organising a number of fund-raising events in support of this worthy cause. To find out more about the Pantry, check out their website:


At the Supermarket
Takeaway Restaurant

                                 Takeaway Treats             

This month the Pantry thanked the 3Ls  for ongoing donations which had been used by the catering team to prepare and distribute around 800 ready meals over 3 to 4 weeks to members of the Pantry. These meals were prepared on site and were given away for free in addition to members' weekly shop. 

Takeaway Meals
City Map with Braille

Mystery Walk
Wednesday 12 October 2022

Intrepid teams of 3Ls members took part in a  Mystery walk in support of the Courtyard Pantry on 12 October, exploring a fun 2.5 mile trail through the Claypits Nature Reserve, the Forth & Clyde Canal and some hidden corners of the neighbouring area.

Our Walk started outside the Courtyard Pantry and ended at the Charity's new premises, Toshie’s Café, on Garscube Road. Participants were set a challenge of solving a range of clues along the circular route which meant everyone worked up an appetite to enjoy home-made soup plus cakes with a cuppa at the café, before the solutions to all the clues were revealed by Trail Master Bill Kennedy.

Thanks are due to everyone who organised or took part in a fun day out in support of a very good cause and to Sharon and Laura of the Pantry team who delighted us with a selection of delicious home-made treats at the end of the trail!

Afternoon Tea at the Pantry

In support of this year’s 3Ls President’s Charity we held an Afternoon Tea on 7th July 2022. In advance of a delicious array of sandwiches, scones and cakes being served, there was an option to join a short walk to explore the nearby Claypits Nature Reserve and admire the superb view of Glasgow.

A fun afternoon was enjoyed by everyone, which included a chance to take part in some party games, including an Afternoon Tea-themed Bingo game!

Porcelain Serveware

 About the Courtyard Pantry

The Courtyard Pantry is a community-driven project, operated by Flourish House. In 2016 we developed and opened our community café, in partnership with Queens Cross Housing Association, which serves as a meeting point in the heart of Wester Common, Northwest Glasgow. In response to the pandemic, we adapted the café to incorporate a food pantry and opened in March 2021.



Support the pantry today!

During the initial phase of the crisis, our teams witnessed first-hand the hardship and challenges experienced by the local community as they struggled to access food, due to income reduction, shielding, health decline, isolation and fear. As we were uniquely placed at the heart of local food response, we felt we had to help, so building on our partnership with Queens Cross Housing Association and utilising our existing café, instead of closing this vital community hub, we reimagined our service to tackle food insecurity. We worked with volunteers and members of the community to provide over 5000 meals to local people who quickly found themselves in a vulnerable situation through the impact of the pandemic.

Our mission is to help tackle financial vulnerability by providing good food at low cost to the local community and create ‘Transitional Employment Placements’ (TEP’s) enabling members of Flourish House to experience paid employment, often for the first time, and supporting their journeys of recovery. We do this by working closely with like-minded organisations such as The Scottish Pantry Network and Queens Cross Housing Association to ensure that we benefit from the most up-to-date thinking and complement local responses to community challenges, which were exacerbated by the COVID pandemic.

(Extract from the Pantry website:


Volunteers Packing Food