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3Ls AGM 2024

At this year's AGM, Dorothy Sim was elected as the new 3Ls President. The well-attended meeting was chaired by outgoing President, Winnie Mallon, who provided an overview of the previous year's activities as she ended her 3-year term of office and thanked 3Ls members for their support and the numerous Club Committee voluteers for their work in delivering a varied range of Club programmes.

Retiring Treasurer Elsa Foley presented the 3Ls accounts and commented on a number of improvements introduced over recent years in managing the 3Ls finances. Jean Love was appointed as the new 3Ls Treasurer but there were no nominations for the vacant posts of Secretary and Social Convenor.

Alix McDonald, Head of CLL delivered a comprehensive view of the wide-ranging work undertaken in the Centre and assured the 3Ls Association of continued support from the CLL team.

As she took up office, Dorothy stressed the importance of identifying more volunteers to take up the vacant posts or to assist with outings and other activities which are an essential feature of our Association.

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