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January Term Classes at CLL

Centre for Lifelong Learning

JANUARY TERM CLASSES BOOKING COMING SOON! The CLL team is pleased to let us know that registration for the January 2023 term classes will open on the morning of Tuesday 29th November. Classes will be available to view from Thursday 24th November to allow time to browse class information in advance of registration opening. Here is a taste of what is on offer on campus in January:

  • Photography and Digital Image manipulation

  • Psychology

  • Wine appreciation

  • Oil painting taster class

  • Singing classes in conjunction with Cappella Nova

  • A range of History classes

Online classes (delivered via Zoom), allow students to join in from the comfort of their home, creating a community online, with no geographical boundaries.

Online classes this January will include:

  • Music and Singing

  • Il Bel Paese - A journey through Italy, Italians and Italianess

  • History classes

  • Drawing

  • Cinema

For more information check out the CLL website:

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